About Debra

Hi! I’m Debra!

I’m here to help you blast past obstacles and move to the next level. I’m here to help you change your approach to your projects to one that keeps you happy and sane while you get good, consistent results.

I can help you get past feeling stuck. We’ll sift through damaging inner dialogue (noise), decide which direction to take (make a plan) and get stuff done (execute).

I know from years of coaching people who feel stuck or struggle with ADHD that moving past both real and perceived barriers can be a very emotional experience. Here are some of the issues I see:

• Negative self-talk
• Confusion
• Shame around unfinished projects

Quick question for you:

What would happen if you allowed your dreams to come true?

Here’s another:

What would it be like to focus, get clear on your goals, and believe you can actually accomplish them?

I can help you improve your productivity and increase the speed in reaching your goals as you simultaneously find joy in the work you are doing. If you’d like to know more about how this works, explore my coaching packages.

Read the FAQ page and get a better idea of how and why all of this works.

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