Dear Whoever Reads This,

There are days when I have so much to do that I can’t even read a paragraph without feeling  distracted. I’ve learned to keep those days simple. In the spirit of simplicity and also because I am deeply into alliteration, I created this Handy Piktochart (click here, pls)  with what I call “The 3 S’s for Combating Distraction.”

I’ve also provided two very good sources at the end of this chart. I hope you refer to those at some point because they’re helpful.

The first S is “SIMPLE.”

On days when you have a million things to do, it makes sense to start with at least half a million. Turns out that doesn’t work. Pick one thing. Do that. Then do another. It sounds so silly when I say it, but many of us juggle too much stuff at a time. The trick is to break things down into teeny tiny manageable pieces and use a timer. Ever heard of the Pomodoro Technique? If not, Google that later, please. You’ll find. it.

The second S is “SERENE.”

The first step to serenity is to close your office door. After that, you can experiment with background noise by using any number of background apps, or maybe you can just enjoy the silence.

The third S is “SUPPORTED.”

Okay, so you’re alone in your office. That doesn’t mean you aren’t supported. There is an amazing amount of support out there these days. Try an online community. Talk to friends (later!) about what you want to accomplish. Hire an ADHD Coach, even! (talk to me if you would like that — write to

All for now. Remember those 3 S’s! –> Simple, Serene, and Supported!





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