Before I started working with Dr. Deb Payne, I was stuck at a crossroads trying to decide what new life path to take. A number of options had emerged but I could not decide on which path to embark. Deb helped me discover that the power to become “unstuck” was within me and provided numerous strategies and insights that helped me start my new journey. She encouraged me to challenge my anxieties and fears and helped me realize new ways to approach difficult situations. Deb is incredibly insightful, optimistic, friendly, and passionate about helping her clients. After each session, I am energized, motivated, and excited to work on the next step of my new life plan. Thank you, Deb, for being such an amazing life coach! I could not have changed my life without you!

Kelly R, PhD

Entrepreneur, Edmonton, Canada

With Debra, I was able to identify some of the barriers and key performance issues that have been holding me back. She was incredibly skilled at asking the tough questions that helped me to reflect and view things from a different perspective, and then she held me accountable for achieving my goals. Debra is not only challenging and insightful, but also patient and understanding, with remarkable instincts and knowledge. Her coaching style was a perfect fit for me and I believe would fit others who truly desire to perform at higher levels. The skills and concepts I learned will be invaluable for the rest of my career.

Gary W., MBA

Educator and Private Consultant, Qingdao City, Shandong, China

Debra helped me to get back on track after years of feeling stuck in my writing process. I wasn’t able to commit to my ideas because I had lost confidence in my ability to know the right direction to take. Debra immediately assured me that I was going to finish. And from our first conversation, she helped me change my mindset from “if” I was going to finish my dissertation to “how” I was going to do it. Debra provided a weekly audience for my talking about my progress without the pressure of looking good in front of my adviser in school. Debra helped me to re-prioritize my intellectual life amidst a hectic family schedule. The fact that I had someone to hold me accountable for how well I stuck to my goals during the week was motivating. She even helped me to find the good in what I was accomplishing during those times when I felt unsuccessful. I would highly recommend her coaching sessions to anyone, like myself, who needs a reminder to believe in themselves again.

Kim B

New York

As I pursued my college degree, I faced quite a few major obstacles, including major health issues, a move nearly across country, and various other things that made me nearly give up on my degree. However, Deb was always a phone call away. She was a great motivator, and helped me keep track of what I wanted and needed to succeed. I can 100% honestly say that, without having Deb with me every step of the way, I don’t think I would have finished my Bachelor’s Degree. Aside from the mental and moral support, Debra was also very good about recommending other resources for different needs that arose.

Kristina A


Dr. Debra Payne helped me identify my core life goals. With these core goals in mind I am exploring a wider variety of job options. I now realize there are many ways to use my education and life experience.

Carla L, PhD

Historian, Kingston, New York

Deb is a patient listener and impressively adept at enlightening you about the gifts you bring to the world while gently steering you toward an awareness of the things that may be blocking you from achieving your potential. She is just incredibly perceptive and insightful. One of the things I also really like about Deb is that she relates with her clients with more of a peer-to-peer attitude than a coach-client one. In other words, she’s not afraid to reveal her own humanness. In my opinion, that makes her guidance more powerful and effective.

Madeleine Craig

Coach & Entrepreneur, Fourth Dimension Coaching LLC

Working full time and being the sole support for a family of six, I was having difficulty remaining motivated to stay on a schedule that would allow me to complete my dissertation on time. Debra helped give both a professional and a supportive ear that helped keep me on track.

Working with Debra helped pushed me to prioritize my work, meet deadlines, and encouraged me to continue when I sometimes lost focus and overwhelmed. Debra’s assistance has help me get my graduate degree and advance to my new position dealing in a more direct role with senior management. Debra’s assistance has helped me maintain functionality in my family life as I had clear outlines of tasks that I had to complete. I am now using the same strategies in developing my certification preparations.

Debra’s willingness to help you succeed by being available by various communication mediums distinguishes her brand. The coaching that Debra offers is supportive and will help you accomplish your goals. Her strategy is beyond just encouraging words; she helps map out objectives and helps separate the critical tasks from the important. Debra’s skill and education allows her to assist in how to approach many difficult subjects.

Debra made an effort to consult with me even though we are in different time zones. She was very approachable and allowed me to clear my thoughts. As a scholar I would definitely recommend Debra without reservation when it comes to using her services in your academic pursuits.

John St-Ilma, MSc, DBCI, CRM-E, PSP

Ottawa, Canada

I had just left a job, a relationship, and an apartment, I was very uncertain about how and where I wanted to channel my efforts. Lacking confidence and vision, I felt overwhelmed and needed some guidance. I searched for coaches until I spoke with Debra; immediately she seemed to understand me, and what stood out even more was the fact that she listened to me.

I began to narrow in on what I wanted in the near future, and pursued a job that would require skills from my previous job. I ended up getting that job, and due to Debra’s guidance and encouragement, I’ve also been pursuing a personal project on the side that I wouldn’t have had the confidence or vision to otherwise. Debra validated, advised, listened, questioned, and challenged me until I had built up confidence again from my full-time job and my personal projects. She became more than a career coach; I just thought of her as a friend I was calling for guidance, and if I had not chosen to speak with her it would have taken me much longer to find a path forward.


Salt Lake City, Utah

As an academic, I had different problems and decided to tackle them one by one with Debra. One of the problems was a review of a journal paper. The critique of the anonymous peer reviewers was particularly harsh and I could not even bring myself to read them properly, let alone to focus on the answers. Debra helped me to formulate answers to the reviewers and to be able to come over my fear of writing and of confronting myself with possible shortcomings. With Debra’s help, I worked on the article and it is now published. Publications are still not the easiest part of my job, but I feel like I can move on from here.


Ghent University, Belgium

I was dealing with a lot of fear and procrastination issues on top of trying to manage my first year as a professor. I was scared of my data and what it would or would not find. I was avoiding my chair because I was embarrassed that I wasn’t as far along as I thought I should be and didn’t seem to be making any progress. And I was over-preparing for class as a way to avoid working on my dissertation. Over the course of many sessions, Debra and I talked about those issues and why it was important to reach out to my adviser and work towards convincing myself that the conversation wouldn’t be nearly as bad as I imagined.

I recommend working with Debra, as she is easy to talk to and has an uncanny way of asking the right questions to (1) get you to open up about things (particularly things you didn’t even know were bothering you) and (2) get you to the point where you think you are actually the one who came up with the solution.

Kathy E

Virginia Tech