I can be a regular Eeyore.

My natural tendency towards all things pessimistic could make me a poster child for the latest antidepressant. No one who knows me on a superficial level ever sees that side of me. They either see my optimistic side or nothing at all. The reason for that is simple, however: When my outlook is better, people see me because I leave the house. When I’m feeling particularly gloomy, however, I isolate. I stay here and ruminate.

I’ve recently discovered a new tool, however, that I’ve come to call my Pessimism Control Gauge. It’s very simple. It’s FOCUS.

Every moment is a new chance for me to shift my focus. When I notice what I’m noticing, this observation becomes very important. For example, when I’m feeling particularly out of sorts, I’ve learned to stop, look, and listen. Here’s how it goes:

When pessimism hits: I feel like I am stuck neck-deep in some sort of thick, liquid substance. Is it tar, quick sand, mud? I don’t know.

STOP: Breathe in, breathe out. Observe. What’s going on? It’s just me, stuck in my old habits! I know that I can shift my focus, however, so that’s what I’ll do…

LOOK: Quick! What are three things that are going well in my life today? There’s that icky stuff, too, but is there anything I’m grateful for? There must be something!

LISTEN: Breathe in, breathe out…There’s a healing silence here. As I take my focus away from what’s awful, what’s awful fades. In its place is a world that fills me with wonder and amazement! Seriously! And I haven’t taken anything for this!

My new pessimism control gauges works for me, and I’m willing to bet it’ll work for you, too. If you want to discuss the finer points of how to install this into your brain so it stays pretty darned permanent, contact me here. Otherwise, do the DIY thing and just practice!

Finally, if this blog article has resonated with you at all, go ahead and share. Maybe someone else needs a reminder, too!

Choose only the best for yourself and watch as your new life unfolds. The happier you is already grateful for the changes!

Sift Through the Noise.
Make a Plan.