Get it Started

Let’s sift through the noise. We’ll clarify what you’d like to do and then get started!

Keep it Going

Let’s make a plan. We’ll identify obstacles, start chipping away, and keep it going!

Get it Done

Let’s execute. We’ll take small steps, stay focused, and get it done!

Because life doesn’t stop happening while it waits for you to get stuff done.

Coaching is a paid professional service where a coach uses a body of exercises and tools proven to bypass the fear-centers in the brain (in the amygdala), in order to connect a client with their own resourcefulness and their own answers, to support them in meeting their own goals.

Coaching uses established psychological and neurological principles and techniques that allow your brain to side-step negative thought and behavior patterns that stand in the way of anything you may want for yourself in life, whether this is personal or professional goals and dreams.

Coaching does not diagnose disorders. In fact, its purpose is to bring forth a client’s inherent wholeness from within.

A coach uses powerful and transformational questions, visualizations, and sometimes even physical body movements to help you connect with your deepest values and your own personal knowing.

Yes, I know these terms sound kind of esoteric and “woo,” but research on coaching has shown that these things are much, much more effective at motivating you to take action in the direction of your goals than sheer willpower, or even trying to analyze what stands in the way of you taking action will ever be.

Therefore, in order for coaching to be most effective for you, it is important to step into the coaching relationship with an open mind, commitment, persistence, and a willingness to invest time, energy and resources toward your goals.

As you do that, your confidence will skyrocket, and you will build even more momentum that will further strengthen your motivation. You will learn, build skills and personal awareness, and enjoy the personal fulfillment and satisfaction that comes with achieving your goals.

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