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Are you ready to:

  • Get over perfectionism and procrastination?
  • Just get the blasted thing done?
  • Move onto something else?

Do you feel:

  • Unable to finish?
  • Stuck and just plain bored?
  • Ready to figure this out?

Starting can be easy, but finishing can be scary.

I’ve helped many people face their Finishing Demons and bravely put their imperfect ideas out into the world.

When you work with me, you get:

  • Step-by-step guidance from a certified coach with a PhD from the University of Minnesota.
  • Empathy and guidance from a recovering perfectionist.
  • An end result: Increased clarity and a plan for moving forward in your career.

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Before I started working with Dr. Deb Payne, I was stuck at a crossroads trying to decide what new life path to take. A number of options had emerged but I could not decide on which path to embark. Deb helped me discover that the power to become “unstuck” was within me and provided numerous strategies and insights that helped me start my new journey. She encouraged me to challenge my anxieties and fears and helped me realize new ways to approach difficult situations. Deb is incredibly insightful, optimistic, friendly, and passionate about helping her clients. After each session, I am energized, motivated, and excited to work on the next step of my new life plan. Thank you, Deb, for being such an amazing life coach! I could not have changed my life without you!

Kelly R, PhD

Entrepreneur, Edmonton, Canada



Ready to sift through the noise,
make a plan, and execute?
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