Debra J. Payne


Obstacle Blasting

Productivity Amidst Chaos


Tired of beating your head against the wall?

Judging yourself for feeling stuck?

Even struggling with actual ADHD?  

It can be hard to make that next step in your life when you have to fight through inertia, confusion, difficulty focusing, and self-doubt.

Are you slogging through projects that won’t end or that your ADHD won’t seem to let you finish? Are your goals holding you hostage? Are you wondering what to do next in your life? Are you ready to move on and to take the first step to the next level?

Are you ready to blast through all that so you can just go for it?

First step: Let’s sift through the noise.

Clarity sounds good, doesn’t it? That’s what you can get when you lay out your options, try a few experiments, and quiet down whatever self-talk you’ve got in your head long enough to experience some success.

Second step: Let’s make a plan.

As a coach, I’ve had the privilege of working with many people as they clarify what they want (and sometimes what they don’t want), and then go for it. I also work with clients struggling with ADHD and distraction to improve their focus so they can get things done.

I help my clients as they define what they want and then make a plan to go and get that. Sound good to you?

Third step: Let’s execute.

Execute! These three steps listed here can be a rinse-and-repeat process that you can now carry forward to other goals you may have.

Put succinctly: Work with me, figure stuff out, and get it done! 

I had just left a job and a relationship, and I was very uncertain about how and where I wanted to channel my efforts. I felt overwhelmed and needed some guidance.With Debra, I began to narrow in on what I wanted in the near future, and pursued a job that would require skills from my previous job. I ended up getting that job, and due to Debra’s guidance and encouragement, I’ve also been pursuing a personal project on the side that I wouldn’t have had the confidence or vision to do otherwise. Matt D.

Outdoor Experiential Educator, Utah

Get it Started

Let’s sift through the noise. We’ll clarify what you’d like to do and then get started!

Keep it Going

Let’s make a plan. We’ll identify obstacles, start chipping away, and keep it going!

Get it Done

Let’s execute. We’ll take small steps, stay focused, and get it done!

Because life doesn’t stop happening while it waits for you to get stuff done.

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